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Here's what our guests are saying...


"You are hoteliers par excellence! More than 40 years on the road, we have never had a more enjoyable stay! Your marvelous hospitality is part & parcel of the wonderful Dave and Ashley J's wedding. Thanks so much!

-Leo & Mona J, LA,  2011


"This was the nicest hotel I have stayed in during the 8 states I have been through so far!"

- Andy S., Bicycling across US
London, UK

"Old hotels are often a wonderful surprise, but this one tops the best hotels we have had the pleasure of making our home away from home. The roominess, charm, art, gorgeous tiled bathrooms added to the best surprise of all - Robbie & Gene's loving care of us while we were here."

- Bernie & Diana,

Havana, IL

"Glad to see someone maintain the history of Stevensville. This is a wonderful place to stay. Loved the room and the hospitality. "

- D.G.,
Grandview, WA

"What a nice diversion for the typical business traveler! Thanks for your hospitality! "

- S.I.,
Orlando, FL

"The beds are soooo comfortable! I would love to live here!!! "

- R.,

"We had a wonderful stay at your charming hotel! Our only regret is that it was too short of a stay! Thank you for your hospitality! "

- M. & A.C.,
Edinboro, PA


"Rarely in your travels will you find a place to stay as charming and quaint as the Stevensville Hotel! The fascinating history of the hotel combined with the hospitality of owners Gene, Robbie and Alison makes the Stevensville Hotel the best choice when visiting the Bitterroot Valley!"

- P. & D.,
Battleground, WA

"Many thanks for your wonderful hospitality. The rooms are beautiful and sooo!! comfortable!!! Our compliments to the owners Gene, Robbie, and Ali for the extraordinary renovation of such a great historic place. We have really enjoyed our stay"

- J. & J. P.,
Grants Pass, OR

"We did not see the Nurse Ghost, but she did turn down one of our beds! Beautiful Bitterroot Valley"

- J.M.,
Tequesta, FL

"Thank you for this calm oasis that we could retreat to during the hectic wedding activities. Loved the hotel, loved the bed & especially loved sharing travel stories with you. We'll definitely return!"

- C. & D. Scott


"We searched the Bitterroot Valley & Missoula looking for a perfect room for our wedding night, we found it here in the Dr Thornton Suite. Nothing else came close."

- TM


"If I could afford it, I would move in!! Amazing place. Killer breakfast buffet. The coffee will wake the dead."

- H & K


"Truly enjoyed my stay in this lovely hotel. Most comfortable bed I have ever slept in."

- JW, WA


"I found this place a true oasis of warmth and serenity on my travels."

-SH, England


"What a wonderful place. The rooms are beautiful, the atmosphere great, and Robbie & Gene are tremendous. It reminds us of our favorite B&B in Montreal. Can't wait to come back."

- L & P, IL


"What a delightful stop - we have felt most welcome, if you treat all of your guests as you have us you will be wonderfully successful."

- J. & K.,
Seattle, WA